Rose of Westhaven #11: The Falconer Cannot See the Falcon

“Now the 8 have become 7 the Lord of Words is loosed, the One God has no claim on this world!”


– Chant of shrouded people during strange dream

IC Date: 24.09.1950

  • Determined to drag Maarku the Elf out of his home and beat him (believing the Elf had bewitched his wife Poppy) the gruff Brock hammered on the door of Maarku’s house with a wooden cudgel, he screamed abuse, unaware that Maarku wasn’t home but that William and Odhran had been unloading some ill-gotten gains into the house from around the back.
  • Sasha was about to pursue Brock when she noticed a man who had been observing them from concealment within the bushes by the Church of Peaceful Repose, realising that the man could reveal that they’d robbed the family catacombs of the Harper family, Sasha fired her pistol and pursued the man, shortly after being joined by William.
  • The two were able to bring down the man, who claimed to be working for the current Lord Harper (the very same man who had given our heroes permission to enter the tomb), the spy had been assigned to watch them and report back whether they took anything from the tombs or not.
  • Given the choice of being killed or taking some money from Sasha and providing a false report to Lord Harper, the spy chose the latter and dutifully returned to the Harper Manor, giving a report exonerating the characters and then taking payment from Lord Harper as well.
  • William–who had tailed the man to make sure he kept to his side of the bargain–was surprised when the spy kept his word and returned to Sasha saying that he may be a useful contact in future.
  • Meanwhile Odhran had calmed down Brock by allowing him to search the house before sending him on his way, Brock meeting up with the Dwarf Smith Angus Drummond and engaging in a lively discussion about the price of horse-shoes.
  • Both William and Sasha have started to feel extremely unwell and–after some though–reach the conclusion that exposure to the strange fungal spores in the catacombs must have harmed them more than they realised.
  • Quickly summoning the aged sage Salazaar–who has moved into Lord Harper’s manor–their fears are confirmed.
  • Salazaar is impressed with the curative tincture that Odhran has made–although he says it will do little good long-term–and offers to tutor Odhran.
  • Salazaar says that–in order to create a full cure–he will need a sample of the original fungus and some blood from William and Sasha.
  • The party agree to rest at Maarku’s house then return to the catacombs the next day.
  • During the evening both Odhran and Sasha are troubled by a dream where they are attacked by townspeople wrapped up in demonically inscribed bandages, all of them proclaiming the glory of the Lord of Words, strangely during the dream William calls on the One God and seems more religious than real-life.
  • They both wake up and are startled to discover they shared a dream, although William and Salazaar have no idea what they’re talking about.
  • Travelling back to the catacombs they are attacked by more of the giant mushroom rats but–thanks to William’s quick thinking and caltrop bags–they are able to escape having taken little damage and with a sample of the fungus, although it is obvious there are more rats than initially thought down in the catacombs.
  • Meeting up with Captain McCormack of Lord Harper’s guards they explain the rat problem and show him one of the corpses. After some discussion they decide that–once the party is cured by Salazaar–they should round up a possé of guards and attempt to smoke the rats out of the catacombs where the guards can then kill them.
  • Captain McCormack agrees and leaves to make preparations whilst our heroes rest to conserve their strength.