Rose of Westhaven #11.5: Wiliam and Odhran’s Fungal Adventure

IC date: 25.09.1540

Why session 11.5?
Unfortunately we were missing one of the players for this session, so–rather than push ahead with the main story and leave them behind–we decided to do a side-quest, and so I labelled it as session eleven and a half.

  • Sasha is succumbing rapidly to the spore sickness that has afflicted their party since their encounter with the infected rats.
  • William and Odhran take her to the home of Lord Harper when the sage Salazaar attempts to minister to her.
  • After trying every remedy he can think of to cure or slow the disease he says that her last chance may be the rare fungus known as the Golden Mycenae that is rumoured to be able to cure all ills, even returning people from the dead, but it is extremely rare.
  • Salazaar tells them that there is a man in the village who is believed to have be saved from death by the same fungus, a retired soldier known as Captain Hayes.
  • Upon speaking to Hayes they found he was not eager to retell his experiences–having had his religious beliefs shaken by his return from death–but eventually they were able to persuade him to reveal that he was cured by an apothecary who hailed from the city of Shroomsbury.
  • Travelling for a number of days William and Odhran find themselves battered by heavy rainstorms.
  • They arrive in the city of Barth and–as a worshipper of Dagon Lord of the Waters–Odhran persuades William to join him experiencing the Goman baths.
  • During this the two ingest some hallucinogenic mushrooms and see what they believe to be an avatar of Dagon, in response to their request for aid the avatar says that he will guide them to the Golden Mycenae if they make a suitable sacrifice.
  • The two decide to locate an isolated farmstead–having passed several on their way to Barth–and use the inhabitants as sacrifices.
  • During the journey they both experience side-effects from their mushroom trip, one of which is that William reveals his demonic heritage to Odhran. However the pagan priest does not seem perturbed by the revelation, perhaps as a result of Dagon’s avatar referring to William as a cousin.
  • Arriving at a small farmhouse, they stay with a young couple overnight and then sacrifice them the next morning.
  • Letting the blood of the sacrifices mix with the rain, an avatar of Dagon composed of muddy water appears, taking the soulds of the sacrifices and transforming their bodies into two small silver fish that are given to Odhran in a small water-filled vessel.
  • Odhran is told that if he places the fish into the waterways of the Aven Forest that lies to the south of Shroomsbury, they will lead him to the Golen Mycenae.