Rose of Westhaven #10: The Depths of Faith

“I’ll teach that blue skinned devil to bewitch my wife, I’ll wring his damn Elf neck for him!”


– Brock

IC date: 23.09.1950

  • Our heroes enter the burial crypt of the noble Harper Family, stone catacombs situated below the Church of Peaceful Repose.
  • Quickly making their way through the tombs they begin systematically levering open the stone sarcophagi of the Harper dead and removing valuable grave goods.
  • Whilst exploring the catacomb they are attacked by a giant, twisted rat that appears to have several unhealthy green mushrooms growing on it’s body. When the rat is killed the mushrooms release an irritating spore cloud, causing them to cough severely.
  • Continuing to explore the catacombs they encounter several more of the Giant Mushroom Rats, but manage to remain clear of the damaging spores.
  • Eventually they reach the place where the catacombs have been broken into from a natural cavern. Odhran speculates that perhaps the rats tunnelled into the catacombs when damp leaking through the ground above, cracked the stone walls.
  • Gathering their loot they decide not to press any further into the caverns, fearful that there may be a whole next of Giant Mushroom Rats.
  • Waiting for cover of darkness they bring their cart to the church and transfer their goods into it.
  • They plan to take the goods to Maarku’s house in Porthcrawl but are stymied when they encounter a tearful Poppy hammering on the door of the house, shouting Maarku’s name.
  • Sasha comforts Poppy and discovers that she has had an argument with Brock regarding her infidelity with Maarku.
  • Sasha takes her back to the Siren’s Whisper and attempts to reconcile the two while Odhran and William break into Maarku’s house and offload their goods.
  • Unfortunately during the conversation, Sasha gives Brock the idea that Maarku ensorcelled and seduced Poppy against her will. The furious pub owner snatches up a wooden cudgel and storms down the street towards Maarku’s house with murder in his eyes.