Rose of Westhaven #1: Bounty of the Cruel Sea

IC date: 09.09.1540

  • Edwin Locke, William of Riverhead, Sasha of Riverhead and Maarku the Elf are summoned by Thackeray West the lighthouse-keeper of the Beacon.
  • Thackeray West tells them that a ship belonging to the Royalists ran aground on some rocks in the big storm a few days earlier, he volunteers to show them a secret smugglers path to some sea-caves where most of the wreckage will no doubt end up.
  • The PCs agree and head down the smugglers pass, on one side is a sheer rock face and on the other a 100′ drop into the sea. They spot some debris washed up at the bottom of the drop but decide not to risk recovering it.
    In the sea-caves they encounter a Royalists guard wearing mustard and black uniform, they kill him.
  • Maarku sneaks further into the cave during the combat and sees a further two guards trying to free a large coffin-like box covered in chains and holy symbols from between two rocky outcroppings.
  • Maarku is attacked by one of the guards and their–previously unseen–Captain, whilst the second guard goes to deal with the other PCs.
  • The PCs kill one of the guards with Edwin Locke shooting and killing the Captain using a stolen pistol, although A zombie-like creature bursts out of the box and severely injures Maarku The Elf causing him to lose consciousness.
  • William Of Riverhead throws lamp oil at the zombie and Edwin Locke ignites it with a pistol shot, they fend off the creature until the fire consumes it.
  • William Of Riverhead locates the rest of the cargo. He finds:
    • 50 silver pieces
    • 3 barrels of wine
    • a silver mirror
    • 5 pouches of tobacco
    • a spyglass
  • They also find a ships journal page describing the abominable zombie creature as a weapon picked up in distant Kalam that Duke Rothschild hired them to bring to Porthcrawl and the Sage Salazaar.