Rose of Westhaven

This is a Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign run in a campaign world called Haven. The main campaign began on 08 October 2017, with some campaign materials and discussion during the month before. Games currently take place on alternating Sundays, running at 19:00 (UK time) for 2-3 hours and the sessions are uploaded to my YouTube channel shortly afterwards.

Originally the campaign world was home-brewed, however, I have since used material from numerous other sources to add to this, principally the excellent Midderlands OSR campaign setting and bestiary from MonkeyBlood Design.

The game is run using a combination of Skype and Roll20 while session notes are made–using the videos–and recorded using Evernote.

Campaign Material

Links to various campaign produced materials can be found here.

The Heroes

Lamentations is–like a lot of OSR games–a fairly deadly system, in that hit points are low and it’s easy to die. You can find a list of Westhaven’s most prominent heroes here along with a role of those who have fallen.

Session Summaries

Click here to see a list of written session summaries.

Actual Plays

Actual plays of the recorded sessions for the campaign can be found here.