My Games

This is a list of games or campaigns that I am currently running.

  • Kingdom of Angels: A D&D 5E campaign that I’ll be starting up early Feb 2018, with two groups playing in a Ravenloft domain ruled over by a tyrannical religious authority.
  • Rose of Westhaven: A Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign set in a homebrew world based loosely on the English Civil War.

Here is a list of campaigns that I have run in the past.

  • Adventures on the Outer Rim: Loosely linked series of FFG Star Wars games.
  • Jason and the KosmonautsA mini-campaign mash-up of Ancient Greek legend and space opera using Fate.
  • Storm and Sail: Short campaign using my Storm and Sail Fate hack, a band of sailors go in search of the fabled lost golden city of La Fortuna.
  • Three Brothers: A D&D 5E campaign set on a world once enslaved by the cruel Gith.