Skyless City downtime and bumper issue 10 campaign newsletter

Recently I decided to have a period of downtime for our Skyless City Jadepunk; now the game is still going ahead as normal but we’re moving the timeline forward by three months and are going to detail one of the city districts (the Sengoku or Heaven District) in more detail as a future homebase for the “third season” of our game.

There are a number of reaons for this downtime including:

  • To give the PCs chance to establish themselves.
  • Allowing the party time to carry out some more long-term objectives that are important but might not make for the most exciting.
  • To allow us to advance the plot more.
  • Giving the players an opportunity to breathe and plan without constantly being on the back-foot and reacting.

Given that we are having a week or two without a Jadepunk session (due to RL commitments) this seemed like an ideal time to do this; when we return we’ll be moving into season 3 of the game.

skyless city season 3

This also seemed like a good opportunity to reflect on what has gone before and where the plot is going in the future; to this end I have also released a bumper 4 issue of our campaign newsletter.

Issue 10 of the newsletter can be viewed here.

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