Games on Demand: Dresden Files Accelerated

It will soon be time for UK Games Expo 2019, the UK’s premier hobby and RPG event, as ever I’ll be there GM-ing games for Games on Demand. If you fancy a quick two-hour taster session, choosing from a variety of different games and GMs then get yourself along to the Churchill Suite in the Hilton Hotel.

Dresden Files Accelerated

In the mild, summer air of Manor Farm, a fisherman had been found dead, his body frozen solidly to the ground. The death–the fourth to be found over the last few months frozen in this manner–has local police baffled. However a relative of the deceased who is more open to esoteric possibilities has turned to your specialist agency–whose members have their own experiences with the supernatural–in the hope that they can succeed where the police have failed.

Set in Jim Butcher’s Dresdenverse, this game uses Evil Hat’s revolutionary Fate Accelerated system, placing the focus firmly on story as the player characters attempt to unravel the mystery at the heart of this killings.

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