Games on Demand: Dark Places & Demogorgons

It’s now only a few days until UK Games Expo 2019 taking place at Birmingham NEC and the Hilton Hotel, and I’m putting the finishing touches to my game-planning notes. If you fancy a quick-shot of RPG action or trying out some different systems, get yourself down to the Churchill Suite in the Hilton where Games on Demand are running two-hour taster sessions of various games.

Dark Places & Demogorgons

The sleepy burgs of J Town in the early 80’s, once this place was a busy hub for the bustling steel-producing industry, but now the mills have fallen silent, their abandoned skeletons litter the landscape and the twin phantoms of unemployment and desperation stalk the once happy streets. Adults turn fitfully in their sleep, worrying about how they are going to feed their children with the mills gone.

Now a new horror has gripped the town. Two children from your class at McAllister High School have fallen into unexplained comas and cannot be wakened, your parents are worried, exchanging concerned glances, but they are largely clueless. It looks like you’ll have to save yourselves.

Based on the worlds most popular roleplaying game, Dark Places & Demogorgons evokes the spirit of the popular TV series Stranger Things. Playing school-children the PCs try to unravel mysteries and fight forces ignored or unseen by the world-weary adults around them.

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