Games on Demand: Alas for the Awful Sea

The season of the UK Games Expo is upon us, the biggest and best of the UK hobby games events will be taking place at the Birmingham NEC on Friday, 31st May to Sunday, 2nd June. As ever I’m going to be helping as one of the GMs on Games on Demand, running two-hour taster sessions of various games.

If you’re looking for a quick pick-up game have a wander down to the Churchill Suite in the Hilton, where a group of GMs will be waiting to run a variety of different games.

Alas for the Awful Sea

In the small town of Shara Brae, a greedy textile mill owner seeks to replace the local workforce with cheaply imported labour from overseas, all in the name of profit. Tensions between the unemployed, desperate locals and the newcomers are rising, requiring only a single spark to light a fire of blood and revolution…

Now a local girl has gone missing and fingers are being pointed. The fuse has been lit.

With your ship forced to put in due to stormy weather, which group will you side with and can a terrible reckoning be avoided?

Alas for the Awful Sea is a game using the Powered by the Apocalypse rules system, set during the desperation of 19th century Britain, a land where rapid change and desperate conditions leads to conflict and bloodshed.

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