Empire of the Hyena

Please note: Due to real-life priorities and over-extended myself I am no longer going to be running this game (choosing to focus my efforts on a single regular campaign, Undying Lands and the odd one-shot. It’s disappointing, but sometimes these things happen, I was lucky enough to play with an excellent group of players in this game and am saddened to be leaving it behind. As from 23/05/18 this part of the site will not be updated.


Empire of the Hyena is one of two occasional/monthly D&D 5E games that I am running. The main campaign begins in March 2018 with a world-building session happening in February. Games will be taking place once a month, one the fourth Saturday of the month, running at 19:00 UK time for 3-4 hours with the sessions being uploaded to my YouTube channel shortly afterwards.

To try something a little different with this campaign, rather than me–as the GM–simply presenting a campaign world to the players or using an existing supplement, we ran a world-building session using a cut-down version of the Microscope RPG. This allowed us to create the world’s history as a group, I’ve used this history/outline to flesh out the world a little on these blog pages and we will develop it more in play.

You can find the Microscope created timeline here.

This campaign takes place in world of death & honour ruled by the Fang Empire, originally founded by Gnolls it has since absorbed Firbolgs, Goliaths and even those of it’s once-hated enemies the Orcs who chose to adopt civilised ways. Currently the Empress rules from the Imperial city, whilst the landscape is a patchwork of domains ruled over by Daimyos who swear loyalty to one clan or another.

The games will be run using a combination of Skype and Roll20.

Campaign Material

The Heroes

Once the campaign begins a link will be provided here to view a list of the characters.

Kovac Asnard

A local Half-Orc who became a thorn in the side of the local Daimyo Blood Takkarra Amané after he began stealing from her soldiers and dignitaries and distributing the money to poor farmers and peasants according to his own rough-and-ready code of honour. This lead to him becoming a popular folk-hero in the area and a continually source of frustration for the Daimyo. However–because he had acted with honour–when he was capturing the Daimyo gave him the chance to win his freedom by guiding some of her men on an investigation to the village of Kashino.

Sand in Eyes

Called Sand-in-Eyes due to his having been at a now-disbanded shadow warrior monastery. An honourless, faceless name to go with the type of activities that they were supposed to undertake.

As a wandering monk, Sand-in-Eyes was given the task of mentoring the berserk warrior Yag’Gur by the Flame Clan in the hope that some of the monk’s restraint would rub off on the ferocious warrior.


Yag’Gur Gareth

Loyal till death and death is seemingly what he seeks a warrior without fear is the most fearsome indeed. Trained to Guard dignitaries of Clan Flame. He has earned Honor but is seen by his brothers as being too extreme and violent a remarkable statement considering his origins

Yag’Gur has been assigned to guard the disgraced Shadow Monk Sand-in-Eyes, hoping that he might learn restraint from his new teacher.

Yth Ogami

Yth is a member of Clan Death, trained in the ancient and esoteric mystical arts of their clan, eschewing the foul magics that their outlawed parent clan is so infamous for, Yth has concentrated on the expansion of the mind and the powers that can be unlocked from within the psyché.



Session Summaries