Empire of the Hyena – Timeline

This timeline was created using a cut-down version of the Microscope system, and was designed as campaign history for our setting Empire of the Hyena.

Four shaman are given a powerful gift by a great spirit.

Mystical city found by the four shamans.

The gift changes the shaman physically.

The 4 shaman go their separate ways and eventually form the 4 great Gnoll clans.

Small gods reach out to the great shamans to teach them.

A powerful arctic spirit shows what would become the Sem’s clan a secret fortress hidden within a Ice forest.

The 4 shaman disagree about how to use their gift.

The Great Shamans spawn their own bloodlines, which are originally dedicated to extolling and worshipping the Great Shaman who sired them.

Mual’s descendants were gnolls with fire related abilities, Sem’s had ice abilities, Ximge’s had strange mutations of many types and Urhgem’s were extremely large aggressive creatures. People would come to use the term “flind” to describe members of these bloodlines.

The 4 Gnoll clans populate the previously uninhabited domain

A Gnollish warlord, name Zakkir the Bloody-Handed united the clans and carved out a mighty swath of land, upon which his dynasty lived for a time, in relative harmony.

The 4 tribes each go in a different direction. the Bloodmaw go east, the Sandmask go west, the Crackedhands go north and the Saltscowl go south.

The life-sustaining flame of creation goes out and imperils the eternal souls of all living creatures.

Three of the Great Shaman oppose the fourth and his plans for a great ritual, they confront him and are killed.

The last of the Great Shamans, in his desperation and hubris, attempts a dire ritual undertaking of unprecedented scope to harness the flame of creation for his own use. He and his followers are cursed and became the first of the Gargoyles.

The Great City falls to ruin and is haunted only by the lost, the forgotten and the regretful shades of the past.

Scourge of the Twilight Order.

Strange stone Gargoyles begin to appear in the world.

Gersu, leader of the original gargoyles conducts a ritual to kindle a small spark of the flame of creation

The leader of the 4 original Gargoyles steals a spark of the flame of creation in order to create his own kin, the creatures that would later be known as the orcs

Rise of the Orc Empire.

A great spiritual leader arises amongst the orcs.

Peace brokered between rising orc nation, but it does not last

Orcs Discover their affinity for communicating with the spirits/gods

Gargoyles start creating tunnel network underground.

Unleashed creature skilled in necromancy

The necromantic tamperings allow the spirits of the dead to return/remain in the world of the living.

The spirits of the dead that remain in the world become twisted and monstrous if not remembered through the proper ceremonies.

Gnoll Ninja operatives destroy many of the gargoyle tunnels, trapping them underneath the earth.

Creation starts to fray at the edges, the warmth of the flame of creation is finally fading, thinning the barrier between the worlds considerably, allowing the dead, nature spirits and gods to interact with the mortal world with greater ease.

The creature the gargoyles discovered is actually the flame of death, as the flame of creation begins to go out the flame of death burns brighter causing the power of decay and necromancy to grow stronger

Necromantic practices spread through the land, breathing life to existing ancestor worship practices and creating new cults around death and the afterlife.

As creation frays  at the edges and the power of the flame of death grows stronger, the small gods start to die out.

The god of the largest mountain in the world sends out its mortal children out into the world, searching for a way to rekindle the flame of creation. The goliaths of the mountain forge-halls and the firbolgs of the steppes become vagabonds and nomads.

Half Orcs culture diverges. Find home with spirits representing the 7 virtues.

Worship of the small gods is revitalised by the goliaths and firbolgs travelling the world, strengthening local cults, restoring shrines and thus making a stand against the rampant entropy affecting the world.

Flame of creation worshiping cults unite and become the most popular religion.

A firbolg becomes a messianic figure in the Cult of the Flame, empowered by the collective belief and devotion of vast numbers of worshippers. This messiah is the de-facto religious authority in the world, spending most of their time at the Temple of the Ashes.

The firbolg messianic figure sparks hatred of orcs and especially half orcs. his motivations for doing so are unclear

Fall of the orcs.

Orc leaders betrayed by Gargoyles

Spritis summoned at climatic battle against the orcs by gargoyle necromancer

Summoned spirits are bound into statues creating golem-like creatures.

The Samurai tradition of the Crackedhands clan proved to be instrumental in defeating the orcish hordes

Many of the remaining orcs are enslaved by the Gnoll tribes, however some renegades remain free.

In the ruins of the Great City, a darkness gathers. Broken remnants of both armies in the great battle are drawn there by the indomitable will of Zakkir the Returned, the legendary warlord born again from the dark rites of Saltscowl necromancers, who now serve as his lieutenants.

With the aid of the last of the more powerful of the remaining gods, the surviving Gnolls with their Oricsh subjects form the Imperial Empire.

The first Emperor is chosen and rules over an honour-bound society of gnolls and orcs.

The First Emperor officially sponsors a religion of ancestor worship.

After the war both gnolls and orcs hate gargoyles.  but some orc cults exist that worship them

The ancient order of Gnollish shadow-warriors is abolished, following the Emperor’s edicts of honour. The assassins, philosophers, spies and mystics disperse in bitterness.

A Goliath finds a spark of the flame