Random Things: Jungle Trinkets for D&D 5E

These random things articles are designed as quick idea generators for time-pressed GMs who want to inject some additional details into their game, in this article we’re looking at trinkets again. Trinkets were one of my favourite things about character generation in D&D 5th Edition; essentially each character starts with at least one, a small item or curiosity that has some odd property or something strange about it, it’s not a powerful magic item, just something interesting that could spur conversation and plot. Although this article was inspired by D&D 5E the same mechanic can be used in pretty much any game including OSR titles.

I’ve been very much enjoying playing in the Tomb of Anihilation module for D&D 5E that takes place in the jungle continent of Chult. I thought I’d create some trinkets that were suitable for swamp/jungle worlds or areas, they can be generated by rolling a D100:

1A small canoe with a magically transparent floor.
2A hat fashioned from a large lily pad.
3A handful of mushrooms, they have a 50% chance of inducing psycodelic visions if eaten.
4Bone nose jewellery that grows warm–when worn–if danger approaches.
5A wooden ceremonial mask depicting a demonic visage.
6A handful of colourful glass beads.
7The possibly created skeleton of a creature that appears to be half monkey and half fish.
8An ivory statue of an elephant that trumpets loudly if someone tries to steal it.
9A soft yellow fruit containing sticky juice that helps combat sleeplessness.
10A hello seed pod that could be used as a drinking vessel.
11A pair of wooden sandals that prevent the wearer sinking in soft jungle soil.
12A wooden pot containing tea made from bat guano.
13A sticky paste prepared from insect shells and snake venom that glows softly in the dark.
14A preserved tiger's eye.
15A small pot of a foul smelling paste that–when applied–repels mundane insects.
16A small buckler fasioned from the shell of a jungle turtle.
17A pot of bright red dye made from the crushed shells of jungle insects.
18A large clay container of dried bat guano that can be fashioned into gunpowder.
19A wooden mask that brings sweet dreams if worn whilst sleeping.
20A bracelet made of bird skulls that occasionally caws when not worn.
21A small frog statue that causes a river boat to remain stable regardless of how choppy the waters are.
22A comb made from the skeleton of a piranha.
23A leather pouch containing a handful of edible grubs.
24A handful of seeds which–if swallowed–cause the person to violently upchuck everything eaten in the last few hours.
25A small satchel crafted from shed snake skin.
26The fragmentary diary of an ancient warrior who was seperated from his platoon and died in the jungle.
27A snake tooth dagger that has an internal reservoir for holding poison.
28A clay pot containing a nourishing–if nauseating–stew made from monkey brains.
29A 4-pronged bamboo spear.
30A fragment of an ancient clay tablet containing some strange runes.
31A parchment map that may lead to a lost jungle temple.
32The severed and preserved rattle of a deadly snake.
33A naturally occurring stone sphere the size of a mans fist.
34A small petrified nut, when placed in water it absorbs up to 5 pints of water. When the nut is sharply tapped the water is released.
35A severed parrot claw that twitches when the rains are about to come.
36A fragment chipped from a large stone head.
37Two gold pieces bearing the image of a monarch of a lost empire.
38A stone fertility figurine of a woman sitting cross-legged.
39A blue dye made from crushed jungle beetles.
40A geode containing a dazzling array of clear crystals.
41A necklace made from the beak of a jungle parrot.
42A bracelet fashioned from a tigers teeth, mark of manhood for one of the tribes.
43A bangle made from the preserved skin of a piranha, it makes a chewing sound when blood is in the vicinity.
44A large flower that smells like a corpse, the odour attracts numerous insects to it.
45A wooden warriors mask that makes the wearer very intimidating.
46A bamboo fishing-spear.
47An ivory bracelet depicting a tribal warrior.
48A large ant preserved in amber.
49A wooden mask that allows limited communication with apes.
50A river-hunting charm that helps the owner catch fish.
51A beetle in a clay container, the beetle rattles inside the container when there is dead flesh nearby.
52A small whistle shaped liked a bat, it produces a high-pitched noise when blown only audible to certain animals.
53A tiny monkey that has been trained to climb to the top of trees and gather fruit for its master.
54A stone shaker containing a mixture of ground, pungent jungle spices.
55The furry seeds of a jungle plant that stick to fabrics when brushing against them.
56A wooden mask that allows the wearer to perceive spirits and ghosts clearly.
57A ceremonial rattle made from a dried seed pod, when shaken it produces a pungent, spicy aroma.
58A stone idol depicting a long forgotten jungle god.
59A drum crafted from gorilla skin whose sound carries for miles in the jungle.
60A large jungle nut that glows softly for an hour when shaken, after the hour the nut must be placed in direct sunlight for a similar length of time before it can be used again.
61A crudely carved goblin idol taking from a tribe of jungle dwelling greenskins.
62A flat, dark stone with holes bored into it matching the constellations in the night sky.
63A fist-sized stone with a depresson in the centre of it, the depression can hold up to a pint of water. Any water placed into becomes safe to drink.
64The fossilised skull of a tiny dinosaur.
65A crystal skull that glows with an inner light under certain conditions.
66A large stone grinder used to prepare roots and vegetables.
67Three jungle yams, although sour they are perfctly nutritious, each one counts as a days ration.
68A reed-woven hat to protect the wearer from the heat.
69A machete that allows the wielder to clear foliage at twice the speed they would do normally.
70A parchment containing copies of several large geoglyphs made by previous jungle explorers.
71A set of simple wooden sandals that leave behind animal footprints.
72A wooden child's toy carved in the shape of a canoe.
73A small, unworked gemstone.
74A shrunken head attached to a piece of leather thonging.
75A small stone with a hole through the middle of it, the stone is threaded on a piece of thonging to be worn as a necklace.
76A thick paste made of rendered animal fats and berries that protects the skin from the rays of the sun when applied.
77A colourful bag fashioned from jungle reeds.
78A simple wooden shovel.
79A small flint tool used for scraping the rough husks from jungle vegetables.
80A large plant seed that smells like rotting flesh, if planted in a corpse it will not rise as undead.
81A bundle of mint-smelling leaves that–when chewed–help freshen breath.
82The shrunken head of an orc.
83Four strips of jerky, each counting as half a days rations.
84A clay, tribal ancestor figurine.
85A small hide tent decorated with a fearsome visage.
86A bullwhip made from tanned and twisted leather.
87A pot of semi-liquid white rubber.
88A drinking chalice fashioned from the hollowed out skull of a gorilla.
89A necklace made from elephant ivory, it will help the wear recall one forgotten fact before crumbling to dust.
90A wooden canoe paddle that calms the waters around it.
91A small blue/black stone, when placed it water it floats if the water is clean and sinks if not.
92A water carrier crafted from jungle vines.
93A large, flat leaf that can be used to provide shade or collect water.
94The seed pods of a large jungle plant, if ground and mixed with water it produced a bitter drink that helps stave off fatigue.
95A ripe coconut.
96A cloak made from jungle leaves and insect shells that aids with camouflage.
97A stone statue of some forgotten deity, that seems emit a low rumbling chant in an unknown tongue when struck by moonlight.
98The huge claw of a giant jungle predator, if wielded it has the stats of a dagger.
99A small leather pouch containing scraps of fur and bone from some unidentified beast.
100A drum made from a human skull.

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