Frost-covered Trinkets for D&D 5E

These random things articles are designed as quick idea generators for time-pressed GMs who want to inject some additional details into their game, in this article we’re looking at trinkets again. Trinkets were one of my favourite things about character generation in D&D 5th Edition; essentially each character starts with at least one, a small item or curiosity that has some odd property or something strange about it, it’s not a powerful magic item, just something interesting that could spur conversation and plot. Although this article was inspired by D&D 5E the same mechanic can be used in pretty much any game including OSR titles.

Nordic or frost encrusted landscapes seem to be a very popular theme in many fantasy campaign worlds, the trinkets below are ones that might be found on such a world, they can be generated by rolling a D100:

1A golden statue of a small woman dressed for battle but with a serence expression.
2A stone tablet that has been defaced and re-inscribed many times as new religions have overtaken the area.
3A piece of dark green stone with golden flecks in it, anyone who sleeps near the stone has unsettling dreams of wandering through a snow covered city of impossible angles.
4A concave signalling mirror.
5The tusk of a great beast fashioned into a spiralled horn that produces an odd piping sound when blown.
6A small stone figurine carved in the shape of a mammoth.
7A piece of clear quartz that turns a light pink colour whenever blood is shed within sight of it.
8A tiny preserved skeleton that seems to be half man and half sea-lion.
9The preserved fanged skull of a draugr, any blood spilt on the skull is absorbed into it.
10A pair of snow shoes sealed against the damp.
11A necklace made of a stone threading through with leather thonging, it depicts a strange creature that resembles a great furred giant.
12A spear with holes carved in into the wooden body of the weapon, when planted in the group facing the wind it plays a slow but soothing tune.
13A shield said to be made from the fingernails of frost giants.
14A small clay cup that gives any water drank from it a sweet flavour.
15A set of ivory runes believed to aid in fortune-telling.
16A large bear tooth with a hole bored through it, anyone looking through the hole at a cave will know whether there are predators already occupying it.
17A small stone cow, when placed in a jar of water it transmutes the liquid to milk.
18A small metal flask containing a small amount of a red liquid that always remains a constant temperature.
19A leather pouch containing a handful of salt with a strange blue colouration.
20A small jar of a waxy ointment that removes the physical blemished caused by frostbite.
21A fist-sized red stone said to be the fossilised heart of a fire giant.
22An eye patch that–when worn–shows a faint golden glow around certain individuals.
23A whale baleen brouch that allows the wearer to hold their breath for longer.
24A fishing lure that moves in the owners hand when held near a body of water where fish are plentiful.
25A small statue of a serpent that occasionally hisses.
26The fang of a white wyrm engaved with the name of a lost tribal chief.
27A hand-sized ivory carving of a seal that floats to the surface when dropped into any liquid.
28A set of sturdy walking boots that allow the wearer to maintain their footing on unsteady ground.
29A small metal coin on a piece of leather thonging, when allowed to swing free it also points northwards.
30A metal gauntlet containing a severed hand, the hand stubbornly resist all attempts to remove it from the gauntlet.
31An incredibly strong rope fashioned from straw-coloured strands of hair.
32An illuminated page torn from a larger manuscript that seems to portray an ancient battle and the rise of a king.
33A statue of a small dwarf-like creature, it's pose and demeanour seem to change, but only when it is unobserved.
34A small bone eye mask that protects the wearer's vision from the effects of heavy snow.
35A preserved fish eye that makes any food or drink within two feet of it taste strongly of fish.
36A necklace of glass beads that change colour with the mood of the wearer.
37A torc depicting a raven or some similar looking bird in flight.
38An auroch skin sleeping bag that protects from the worst of the cold.
39A clay pipe that produces thick black smoke when used.
40The gold-coloured fleece of an unknown species of mountain animal.
41A perfectly preserved rose that never withers.
42A metallic armband containing threads of golden hair.
43A caribou skin coat covered in mythological scenes.
44A block of ice with a bubble inside it, each day the colour of the bubble changes.
45A wood chopping axe with a blade that never seems to dull.
46A narwhal horn carved around with verses in the language of the frost giants.
47A set of chess pieces carved from ivory.
48A piece of black stone that has a strange tri-lobed creature etched onto it.
49An arrow flight that creates the sound of a roaring bear when fired.
50A fishing spear that can be cast into a body of water three times a day and guarantee hitting a fish.
51An ice-breaking spear than grows warm to the touch when it's user gets near thin ice.
52A white stone that changes colour, turning darker when placed on food the less fresh it is.
53A small pendant in the shape of a hammer, occasionally sparks fly from it.
54A silver cloak pin styled in the shape of a dragon's head.
55The shrunken frozen head of an arctic tribesman, no matter the temperature it does not defrost.
56A set of waterproof seal skin leggings.
57A small metal pot containing some extremely strong-smelling fermented fish of an unidentifiable type.
58A whetstone that can be used to give a razor edge to weapons in half the normal time.
59A small black stone, when placed in snow it gathers enough snow to it to form a fist-sized snowball.
60A dagger that seems to be made from a shard of ice wrapped in mammoth skin, the ice never seems to melt but it steams when the weapon is drawn.
61A helmet studded with the horns of a great snow beast.
62A necklace of coal pieces that allows a wearer to hear the voices of winter spirits on the wind.
63A toy wooden sailing boat, when placed in water, the sails unfurl if the water is safe to drink.
64A piece of jewellery that–when worn in the hair–causes the wearer's hair to style itself in whatever manner the wearer desires, no matter the state of the hair previously.
65A stone mask that–when worn–gives the wearer's voice a low, rumbling quality causing it to carry further than usual.
66A symbollic necklace believed to prevent the wearer from returning as Draugr when they die.
67A horn that magically fills with sweet water at dawn each day.
68An ornately worn iron walking staff, the decoration appears to depict a man reaching skyward.
69A clay pot containing a mixture of rendered animal fat and herbs that is believed to ward off yeti.
70A mummified hand that twitches when the owner becomes aggravated or upset.
71A small globe of glass that–when looked through–renders snow transparent.
72An intricately minature version of a strange town contained in a snowglobe, every now and again lights flicker in the tiny houses.
73A necklace made from colourful glass beads.
74A piece of animal hide covered in strange white rune, when stored occasionally quiet laughter is heard from the hide.
75A stone carving of a furred humanoid creature.
76A ceremonial stag headdress thought to bring fertility and health.
77A preserved giant tic.
78The metal face-guard from a warriors helmet, it crudely depicts a stern looking face.
79A disturbingly life-like white yeti mask.
80A small harp that can play a selection of sweet melodies on command.
81A stick of charcoal that produces water-proof writing when used.
82A pair of tongs seemingly crafted from the jawbones of a long extinct animal.
83A set of very accurate weights and scales.
84An animal fat candle that produces light invisible to creatures of animal intelligence or lower.
85A rope net that can draw itself shut when a command word is uttered.
86A knife with a handle made from the fossilised bone of an extinct predator.
87A wooden pipe that produces colour changing smoke when used.
88Three stones linked together by a sturdy piece of rope, the stones are engraved with the words for 'beginning', 'middle' and 'end.'
89A comb made of bone engraved with an ancient proverb about the dangers of vanity.
90A tiny statue of an emaciated, skeletal man that occasionally winks.
91A small piece of green stone that foams in water and can be used as soap.
92A pair of fur bracers that allow a wearers aim to remain steady no matter how cold they are.
93A piece of white cloth, when it is laid over the face of a dead person it holds their likeness for twenty four hours before returning to it's blank state.
94An ivory stamp used for wax sealing letters, it bears the heraldic marks of an ancient and forgotten ruler.
95A stone arrowhead, when laid under a person's head as they sleep it causes pleasant dreams.
96A fishing line that never tangles or snags.
97A dagger made from the tusk of a great beast.
98A charm made from animal bones and feathers believed to ward off Draugr.
99A silver hair pin.
100A pine cone that resembles a bearded man's face.

Ship image taken from Pixabay, designated as Public Domain.

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