Smoke & Snow Campaign

One of the ideas I had for an OSE campaign/long-term campaign world in 2020 is a fantasy world inspired by colonial America in the 16th century. Although the concept moved a little away from the historical inspiration during development the idea is very much still a new world that is being explored and colonised by a visiting people.

The World of Valkonen

In the campaign world the human race (along with Dwarves and Elves who are offshoots of humanity in my campaign world (known as the Third Earth)) originated on the continent of Valkonen. The Valkonen people were lead by a group of powerful mages who used their magics to manipulate the weather and environment to create a bountiful golden age, unfortunately it was not to last.

Over a thousand years ago there was a great Ice Age where the northern ice-sheets surged southwards, the mages and those of their blood were blamed for causing this disaster and the ragged remnants of humanity were forced to flee southwards towards the equator, searching for more temperature lands in an event known as the Great Exodus.

After much wandered the survivors of humanity settled a balmy continent they named Roheline, but much of their technology and magic had been lost. After a thousand years humanity had clawed it’s way back to a blackpowder level of technology.

However now rumours have surfaced that the ice-sheets have retreated from Valkonen; those desperate or motivation enough have set out to re-colonise the ancient cradle of humanity.

Below is a very rough, in-progress map of the landmasses in part of the northern hemisphere of the Third Earth (my campaign world), the current campaign takes place in West Valkonnen:

Actual Plays

The sessions we have played so far have been published on my Youtube channel:

Following a request from someone on the Necrotic Gnome Discord I’ve also made the actual-plays available in audio only format on my old Anchor podcast account, you can find them at the link below:

The RSS feed for the old podcast is:


Below are some of the websites and blogs that I took inspiration from when creating this game.


1st Nations Development Institute Reading List

16th Century North American History (Wikipedia)…

18th Century Timeline

Colonial History of America…

Jas Townsends & Son

A living history Youtube Channel exploring various aspects of 18th Century life.

Suggested by Fredrick Rourk.

Signs in the Wilderness

A website by Joe Fatula discussing the creation of a 1700s post-apocalyptic hopeful frontier fantasy setting for roleplaying games.

Website suggested by Alistair Langsford via MeWe.

Straits of Anian

An excellent website by Antion focussed on old school roleplaying material for the mythic Pacific Northwest.

Website suggested by Alistair Langsford via MeWe.


Dungeon Master’s Handbook

An excellent podcast that inspired me to attempt the creation of a long-running campaign world, also check out Chicago Wiz’s blog:

Headless Horseman Pursues Ichabod Crane is from Wikimedia Commons: