One of the ideas I have for an OSE campaign/long-term campaign world in 2020 is a fantasy world inspired by colonial America in the 16th century. I’m planning to use this page to both collect my blog entries and any useful links for this.

Red Dice Diaries Podcasts & Blog Links

This section contains links from my podcast and blog that discuss the creation of my campaign setting.

Podcast Episodes

Happy 2020 and 30 Days of Colonial Blackpowder

This episode discusses some of my initial thoughts and how I plan to use the 30 Days of Worldbuilding workbook.

Blog Posts

CBP Worldbuilding Posts

In this series of posts I use Angeline Trevina’s book 30 Days of Worldbuilding to start defining this setting.

Other Useful Links


1st Nations Development Institute Reading List

16th Century North American History (Wikipedia)…

18th Century Timeline

Colonial History of America…

Jas Townsends & Son

A living history Youtube Channel exploring various aspects of 18th Century life.

Suggested by Fredrick Rourk.

Signs in the Wilderness

A website by Joe Fatula discussing the creation of a 1700s post-apocalyptic hopeful frontier fantasy setting for roleplaying games.

Website suggested by Alistair Langsford via MeWe.

Straits of Anian

An excellent website by Antion focussed on old school roleplaying material for the mythic Pacific Northwest.

Website suggested by Alistair Langsford via MeWe.


Dungeon Master’s Handbook

An excellent podcast that inspired me to attempt the creation of a long-running campaign world, also check out Chicago Wiz’s blog:

The Headless Horseman Pursues Ichabod Crane

Headless Horseman Pursues Ichabod Crane is from Wikimedia Commons:

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