Maps as Visual Story/World-building Inspiration

In this recording Hannah is explaining a visual method of map and world creation that she has used to provide her with inspiration in the past when it comes to creating campaign worlds for RPGs.

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How to find the RSS Feed of an Anchor Podcast

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts recently in the Audio Dungeon and on various social media with people unsure how to locate the RSS Feed of an Anchor cast that isn’t there own. Some of us podcasters put it in the description to make it easier, if that’s not the case though, Anchor doesn’t make it easy.

So here’s how you can grab the RSS Feed for an Anchor podcast using just Google Chrome (it may work on other browsers too).

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Video Tutorial – Creating a Discord/Roll20 screen using Xsplit

In this video tutorial–requested by¬†Caius Wallen–I show how you can use Xsplit to create a Discord/Roll20 screen for recording or streaming TT RPG sessions online. This tutorial assumes you have basic knowledge of Discord, Xsplit and Roll20.

In order you use this tutorial you will need a Discord account, a copy of Xsplit (the free one is fine) and a Roll20 account with a game already set up.

The URL for the Discord Streamkit is: