Eldritch Tales Feat System

I had the good fortune to play in a session of Eldritch Tales (a White Box game of Lovecraftian Horror) run by the author Joe Salvador, organised by Colin Green of the Spikepit podcast and featuring a number of OSR Anchorite luminaries; whilst playing it I was reminded how much I enjoyed the feat system in the game and started to think that it could very easily be imported into other old-school D&D style games.

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In this Friend or Foe Friday episode we’re continuing our exploration of monsters originating in the 1E AD&D Fiend Folio, comparing and contrasting Mephits from various editions and talking about potential ways you could use them in your games.

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Looking through the pre-release PDF of the OSE Advanced Fantasy Referee’s Tome

I backed the¬†Old School Essentials Advanced Fantasy¬†Kickstarter by Necrotic Gnome and Exalted Funeral, Gavin Norman the author was kind enough to send pre-release PDFs to the people who back the Kickstarter. In this episode I’m looking through the second of the two compiled rules tomes available on the Kickstarter.

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The Witching Well

In this small, booklet PDF I thought I’d try something a little different, so–instead of another tavern–this PDF describes a small, wishing well that was once the site of a horrible miscarriage of justice that locals remember with a yearly festival.

The Prince’s Arms

After putting my last tavern mini-booklet on the blog I got some great feedback and some brilliant ideas from people, one of my favourites was an idea from Robert Langford who suggested a tavern with a sinister motive. So without further ado, I present to you the Prince’s Arms.

Cask & Bottle version 2

I’m glad to see people seem to be liking the PDF I posted up earlier today, I’ve already had some great feedback regarding it, I’ve taken that feedback and printed it to PDF using a book fold.

The Cask & Bottle

I’ve been tinkering around with layouts for future RPG PDFs I might like to make using Word 2013, yes I know it’s not exactly a publishing power-house but it’s a program I’m comfortable with.

To test out one of the layout templates I’ve made I decided to create a simple tavern, a simple two page A5 PDF providing some details on the Cask & Bottle tavern in the fictional town of Tadbury. I wanted to put it on the blog to see what people thought of it and get some (hopefully constructive) feedback.

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