Random Red Shirt Backgrounds

In this episode Hannah has hi-jacked the mic again, we’re out by a campfire in our back garden creating a random table to add some more interest to random extras and NPCs that the player characters might come across in your game.

Random Background Table

Below is the table that we have come up with so far, rolling on each of the columns will give you a very brief description and background element for each random red shirt or hireling you need to define.

1D12 RollDescriptorFromLove/HatesBecause of
1OldLocalFoodAn incident during childhood.
2YoungDistant LandsDrunkenessThat’s how they were raised.
3TallCityMonsters/AliensTrauma from a previous mission.
4ShortCountryTravelReminds them of a lost love.
5LitheCoastMagic/TechnologyAn incident with a friend or family member.
6PrettyIslandFightingOf a misunderstanding.
7UglyMountainsDiplomacyA natural weakness or allergy.
8ConfidentColoniesQuiet MissionsA supernatural curse.
9NervousHomeworldHeatIt relates to a hidden, dark secret.
10CourageousShip RaisedColdOf an ancient prophecy foretelling their doom.
11IntelligentAlien WorldWaterTrauma from a previous mission.
12CautiousMinesHim/HerselfAn incident during childhood.

Image was taken from https://publicdomainvectors.org/en/free-clipart/Red-T-shirt/58719.html.

Midderlands Encounter Generator

I’ve got the second session of our current Midderlands campaign (set in Great Lunden) coming up today and have been working on a random encounter generator for it. I’ve not done all the Wards yet and have prioritised the ones I expect to come up in the session, I’ll be adding to it as and when I get time though.

Clicking on the link below will take you to the generator:

Random Things: Updated Midderlands Name/Occupation Table

I’ve been updating my chart of Midderlands Names/Occupations to incorporate information from other sources, there is a list of inspiration sources at the bottom of this post.

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Random Thing: Perfumes

You can get ideas in the most unlikely of places, in this case it was when listen to the Thought Eater podcast, I misheard the host Froth when he said “Pick your OSR clone of choice” and thought he said “Pick your OSR cologne of choice.” I realised my error pretty quickly but–the more I thought about it–the more the idea of random colognes appealed to me, so I decided to put together a series of linked random tables.

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Random Thing: What does that Lunden building look like?

When you’re wandering around the streets of Great Lunden in the Midderlands there are a number of important buildings marked specifically on the map, but what about those buildings that aren’t marked?

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Random Things: Midderlands Names/Occupations

With the kind permission of Glynn Seal from Monkeyblood Design, I’ve plugged the name/occupation table from page 217 of the first Midderlands book into Chartopia to create an automated version of the table:

Many thanks to Glynn for allowing me to put this on the blog, check out the various Midderlands products on DrivethruRPG and in the Monkeyblood Design store.

Random Things: Midderlands Trinkets

As I’m sure you all know by now, I’m a massive fan of the Midderlands setting by Glynn Seal of Monkeyblood Design and have even been privilieged enough to write on a couple of projects for them. One of my other loves in RPGs is the random trinket table from D&D 5E, so it seemed only natural to combine these two loves.

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