Good Kickstarter: Leagues of Cthulhu [ Triple Ace Games ]

To kick off my posts about Kickstarters (both good and bad) that I’ve been involved in, I decided to start on a positive note with Triple Ace Games Kickstarter for their Ubiquity powered Leagues of Cthulhu game; this is a sort of spin-off of their Leagues of Adventure and Leagues of Gothic Horror books that posit a sort of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen style game using the Ubiquity rules system. I backed both of these and was very happy with the products received. Although I haven’t received my print copy of Leagues of Cthulhu yet (as of time of writing), the way that the Kickstarter has been managed has been very professional at all times, unforeseen delays are occasionally unavoidable but there is always a monthly update (sometimes more than one if needed) to let the backers know what is going on and keep them up to date.

Following an update on 15th January 2018 saying that the shipping phase was beginning, the creators responded promptly to queries in the comments section by backers, explaining that they were currently awaiting postage labels before the books could be sent out. IMO this is a model of how Kickstarters should be run, anyone thinking of running one themselves could profit by following Triple Ace Game’s example, people will generally be understanding if unexpected problems or delays arrive as long as you let them know.

The kickstarter can be found here:

Verdict on the Leagues of Cthulhu Kickstarter:

Good Kickstarter/Bad Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a great thing, there can be no doubt about that. Many games and RPG products that might never have make the leap to published, finished article if it weren’t for the funding provided by backers via the site. However there is a darker side to backing products on the site, for every person who talks about the great product they got, there’s someone else who has a story about how it’s been three years since a campaign was funded and they’re still waiting for any sign of the finished article. I’ve been fairly lucky and have only backed a few projects where the creator has spectacularly failed to deliver and/or has skipped town with backers money and a long list of excuses, most of my experiences with the site have been pretty positive (mostly because I only tend to back stuff where I have experience with the creator or that has been recommended to me by someone I trust).

I’ve decided to highlight some of the Kickstarters (both good and bad) that I’ve experienced in a series of future posts.