World of Zhanor

Episode 2 The Tower of Gul Garak In the second episode of our ASSH2E campaign, can our heroes break free from the misty pleasures of the Chamberlain to defeat the traps and pitfalls of Gul Garak’s tower?

World of Zhanor

Episode 1 The Tower of Gul GARAK In the first episode of our new ASSH2E campaign, a group of heroes meet in exotic Zanarkan, City of Thieves and of a Thousand Delight, with plans to plunder the tower of the fabled and reclusive necromancer.

Inspiration for Roll20 ASSH 2E

I was flicking through my Mewe Groups today and came across a quality Roll20 landing screen by J. K Hepler, it’s shows a wooden table top with some important tables, character tokens and a map on it. This great work inspired me to do something similar for my Zhanor upcoming Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerors of Hyperborea 2E game that I’m starting next […]

Whither Westhaven

It seems like today is my day for posting about things faded or disappearing (see my previous post on deleting my Google+ account). If you’ve been keeping up with the various games and actual-plays that I run you may have noticed that there was no session video for my Rose of Westhaven game last week. This is […]