Mapping for Three Brothers D&D Campaign

Since my Star Wars game has been cancelled this evening but I’m all caffeined up anyway, thought I’d write about the mapping that I’ve recently done for my upcoming Three Brothers D&D 5E Campaign.

If you want to find out more about this you can check out my gazetteer post by clicking here.

This is the overall world map, I made this out of several generated maps and then composed them in Photoshop before overlaying a hex grid.


I also created a version where I show the tropical, temperate and polar zones since I think it is important to have these locked down for when we start to fill in the map later during the course of this (and hopefully other future) campaigns.


Each of the squares in the world map can be zoomed in to be a seperate atlas scale map, at the moment I have only produce the one where our campaign will be starting and it’s pretty sparse (the village on the map is where my campaign starts):


Then at maximum zoom we have the sub-hex map that zooms into to a single hex on the atlas scale map and shows it in more detail, the first of these can be seen below:


There are some other bits and pieces on the GM layer but I’ve hidden them so my players can see the sub-hex map without ruining things; my hope is that we can expand the larger scale maps, covering things like general terrain etc and then zoom in on the hexes where interesting stuff and adventures happen.

The maps for this campaign were produced using the excellent hexographer and hex templates from the Welsh Piper website.

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2 thoughts on “Mapping for Three Brothers D&D Campaign”

  1. With my home maps, I tend to similarly add places to the map as the party discovers them. Many places, towns, rivers, even ruins, have locations commonly enough known to appear on general maps. It really is fun to see the map slowly grow in detail as the campaign progresses. Couple this with multiple campaigns, and your map gradually grows and grows over the years. It’s quite rewarding.

    1. Yes, I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it develops both in this campaign and beyond, your talk of a long-running campaign world was one of the major inspirations for me starting the Three Brothers campaign 🙂

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