Dungeon World Map Making

For those of you who aren’t aware I’m currently running a Dungeon World campaign for my Sunday group, charting the progress of a group of heroes who have discovered a strange sickness or blight that seems to be plaguing the land. I wanted to try out the Perilous Wildrules supplement for this campaign, which deals with hazardous journeys and provides some additional stuff for followers and advice on running your campaign.

One of the sections of this book that intrigued me was the advice on map making; essentially the players and GM take it in turns to come up with areas, sites of interest and places that are important to the PC (a couple for each player character).

We sat down and did this for about hour at the start of our last session, since we’re running on Google Hangouts I screen-shared a paint window and roughly sketched out the map below:

Okay so it’s not going to win any art prizes or anything like that, but you can already see (I hope) the potential for adventure in these areas and some of the interesting stuff that my players came up with; after the session I fired up my trusty copy of Hexographer and created a slightly more visually pleasing version of the map.

In keeping with the GM advice in Dungeon World I’ve left lots of blank areas to be filled in as the PCs explore, although I have added some of the stuff that has already been discussed within the game. I was really happy with how the map creation section of the session went and highly recommend the Perilous Wilds rules if you fancy doing something like this, can’t wait to see what my PCs get up to on this map now.

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