Working on a Basic Website for our Smoke & Snow Campaign

There has been a link/page on the main Red Dice Diaries blog page providing some basic information about our (at time of writing) currently running Old-school Essentials campaign Smoke & Snow, a game that began with the theme of humanity attempting to resettle a homeland their ancestors had fled ahead of a great arcanely fuelled ice-age.

We started off the campaign using Roll20 before eventually switching to using FoundryVTT which I much prefer, unfortunately the version I use only allows players to access the game information whilst I am online and hosting, there are paid hosted versions that can get round this but I don’t have the cash to spend at the moment (saving for a better computer, paying for car services, Christmas coming up etc) so I was keen to avoid that. It struck me the other night that a free website could fill the rather basic needs I had and could also be linked to from this site.

I’ve spent a couple of days creating a very basic site that can be accessed from the link below:

Screenshot of the website front screen

As I’ve said the website is pretty basic consisting at the moment of the following:

  • Links to blog-post session write-ups.
  • Details of Gods & Immortals in the setting.
  • Details of both active and in-active heroes.
  • Links to both youtube and podcast versions of actual plays.

I’ll probably expand the content a little bit in the future but I’m looking to keep it pretty simple, the idea is just to have a place for my players to access game information when I’m offline and also for anyone interested in the setting and the campaign to be able to read about it if they like.

Once this post has gone up I’ll also change the link in the top menu on the main blog site to now link to the new site.

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