Red Dice Re-organisation

So, UK Games Expo 2019 is over, I had a great time GM-ing for Games on Demand with my wife, Lloyd Gyan and all the other excellent GMs (and of course players), now I’m sliding into that post-Con funk stage of existence. However–one of the side benefits of attending the Con–is that it always fires me up to do a bit of changing and improvement to the way I run games and manage my game related stuff.

During the last couple of days since the Con I’ve been considering how to make the most of the various sprawling social media, Youtube, Anchor, etc accounts that Red Dice Diaries has accumulated over the years and how I could best use them going forward.

So far I’ve decided the following:


I’m planning to keep my Youtube channel and use it to host the following:

  • Edited actual play videos.
  • Reviews

Anchor Podcast

  • General TTRPG ramblings.
  • Interviews.
  • Group podcasts with my regular panel.

RDD Blog (what you’re reading now)

  • Charts, rules etc produced for games.
  • Links to other media.


  • Uncut live-streamed actual plays.

RDD Facebook Account

  • Advertise for players for one-shots.
  • Communicate with FB RPG communities.
  • Share other media with FB RPG communities.
  • Keep in touch with the players of my regular games.


  • Posting updates when at Cons or out and about.


  • Communicate with MeWe RPG Communities.
  • Share other media with MeWe RPG Communities.

This is going to require some re-organisation to get my current media to fit in with the streams discussed above, I’m not going to go back and re-tool all of the old blog posts however I am going to be trimming down some of the other streams to fit the new posting criteria (for example: removing actual-plays from the Anchor Blog).

We love hearing what you think, however any spam or abusive posts will be ruthlessly removed and deleted, as will those that ramble off topic.