Thousand Lands S01E03

Hoon Hills: Lament of the Skylord

In the third episode of our Thousands Lands B/X Essentials, hex-crawl campaign, our heroes press on into the Hoon Hills in search of the hideout of the evil thieves cult The Dark Eye, but they find more than they bargained for when they discover a small village and it’s shining silver guardian.

Normally I put an edited version up on Youtube, but unfortunately something went wrong with the render throwing the sound out of sync and I don’t really have time to edit it again so I’ve replaced it with the uncut version on youtube:

The uncut version is also available on Twitch:

Watch The Thousand Lands: S01E02 – Stop Thief! – UNCUT from RedDiceDiaries on

An audio only version is available on my Anchor podcast:

A written session summary can be found on the World Anvil campaign site:—skylords-lament-article

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