Podcast Episode 41 – Am I too old for the World of Darkness?

In this podcast episode, myself, Hannah and Lloyd discuss whether we’re too old for the World of Darkness, the vampire genre in general and some of the positive and negative sides of Storyteller games.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 41 – Am I too old for the World of Darkness?”

  1. i usually like to go the Slice of Life Anime Approach in Word of Darkness. Something like K-On or Moon Phase. where i bring World of Darkness to the 21st century, and Enjoy the Idea of Changeling Themed Casinos where the Waitresses all Cosplay Alice Liddell or the Idea of Porcelain Doll themed Princess Brothels that serve as places to earn income for Charitable Purposes with the intent to spread the light.

  2. I admit that the ‘replacement-crew’ now pretending to be White Wolf is not exactly worthy to buy from. But the WoD & New WoD all work fine. Maturity may mean we no longer sacrifice it all to be a street brawling Brujah neonate, but several of the ideas mean we have a fair chance of doing better than the TV series we get dished (without much money wasted).

    Melinda Gordon in Ghost Whisperer? Not even a warmup for any Wraith ST (or SinEater moron). Supernatural (Oh, Castiel!)? Project Twilight & the Arcanum already did better 22 years ago. And so forth…

    The difference i would consider crucial is: Some of us progressed, while others were content mimicking what their parents, or idols, lived before them. Maturity, wisdom, attitude… Finding the proper group makes even Red Box Dungeons & Dragons roleplay enough to be fun again… But the bad sides are no longer taken easy, because in the second half of life we can’t waste the time again, and the smarter (or saner) ones among us don’t want to wrestle the problems once again.

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