All About Aspects: Redux

I wrote back in June 2015 about planning to create a Fate PWYW PDF called All About Aspects, you can find the original post by clicking here; however due to doing more freelance work and things being a bit crazy in RL (plus actually trying to find time to plan and run games) I’ve not actually found the time to sit down and smash out a load of words at the keyboard. I’ve noticed a few companies who have been releasing snippets of material on written blogs, getting people to playtest it/offer their opinions and then compiled refined and editted versions into the final publication.

This is the new route I’m thinking of taking with All About Aspects, since I very much want to get this publication created, in part due to the amount of people who have expressed issues with what, to my view, seemed like a very intuitive mechanic; I’d hate to see that prove an obstacle to some great roleplayers getting into Fate when a little assistance and additional explanation might help out in that regard.

Inspired by the success of my Random Things article, over the next few weeks and months (first article going up in the next day or two) I’m planning to post a series of articles here that are specifically designed to provide budding Fate players with inspiration and advice on creating aspects for characters and NPCs. Please note that although these articles will be created with Fate in mind, their use is not limited solely to that system, they could also help create capsule character descriptions/concepts and add detail when you’re struggling with a character background.

Coming Next for All about Aspects : What is all about aspects?

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4 thoughts on “All About Aspects: Redux”

    1. Thanks Sam – I’m hoping that the blog articles, eventually compiled and expanded on in a PDF will allow me to work on sections of the book at a time and also solicit feedback as I go along 🙂

  1. I look forward to it. Fate is most certainly missing the pick and build aspect of character creation enjoyed by almost every other RPG on the planet. Creating an aspect is easy, creating an aspect that is suitable and can be double-edged, not so much. Having to create them for every single character is not easy at all, and is something I find unenjoyable about the system. I enjoy playing Fate, but it’s the only RPG where I don’t enjoy filling out the character sheet.

    1. Well I’m certainly hoping that the articles (and eventually the pdf) will help out with that 🙂

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