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Dungeon World – Sapphire Island mini-campaign – Player write-up session 7

By | 28th October 2014

I had no idea how long we have been asleep, it was still dark outside and I hadn’t been here long enough to judge when sun rise would have been. What had woken us was not enough rest, only the Elders knew how we had been able to keep pushing ourselves along our journey but… Read More »

Sapphire Islands – Dungeon World Mini-campaign – Session 8

By | 12th October 2014

Weeks had passed, and whilst Korra had been engaged on her own mission, Strike and Demanor had been attempting to rally the remaining nine Northland settlements to their banner to resist the foul schemes of the ancient orc shaman, the Rugorim; unfortunately five of the settlements (Hall of the Mountain King, Yorvic, Greatspear, Frostholme and… Read More »

Dungeon World – Sapphire Island mini-campaign – Player write-up session 6

By | 10th October 2014

Written by Kelly Grimshaw who plays the Elven druid Demanor in the game. The smoke drifting gently towards the stars, a sign that the spirits locked in the rotting corpses of Ragnar’s undead army were now making their way to the great drinking hall of Valhalla.  The hunk of ice that carried the headless carcass of the… Read More »