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Sapphire Islands – Dungeon World Mini-campaign – Session 7

By | 14th September 2014

The morning began with many sore head following a night of mead drinking with the people of Urut’s village, some of the villagers who had been out hunting on the shores proudly brought in their catch for the feast, a large and ancient sea turtle that they carried between them, securely lashed to a wooden… Read More »

Sapphire Islands – Dungeon World Mini-campaign – Session 6

By | 14th September 2014

Suddenly the ice sheets began to explode and crack around them as iron cannonballs smashed into the ice, shattering the once stable plates and threatening to tip them into the freezing cold water, Demanor leapt into the air changing into a parakeet and flapping above the razor shards of ices whilst Strike and Korra threw… Read More »