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Powered by the Fate-pocalypse: Starting work on the Playbook

By | 30th July 2014

I have started to put together the general playbook for my Dungeon World/Fate combo, this playbook is adapted from the excellent blank playbook template created by Zarathud: Below is my initial starting point, there is plenty of work left to do on it, but it’s a start:

Powered by the Fate-pocalypse: Back to Basics

By | 30th July 2014

Those who’ve been keeping up with my blog posts will be aware that I have been attempting (with varying degrees of success) to create a game that combines the best elements of two RPing systems, Fate and Dungeon World, both games that I greatly enjoy. Although i’d thrown up what I thought were some interesting… Read More »

Dungeon World – Sapphire Island mini-campaign – Player write-up session 3

By | 25th July 2014

Watching the last White Ship sailing away was the most heart wrenching thing I have ever done. I forced myself not to look away, if I could not look my Elders in the eye as they departed I would not give them the satisfaction of turning away now. Bile boiled in my stomach with anger… Read More »

Powered by the Fate-pocalypse: Rules – More thoughts on Aspects

By | 24th July 2014

Thinking about Aspects and chatting with my wife (who is a big fan of that old-school D&D (but simpler) feel that Dungeon World provides, less so of Fate) last night; it occurred to me that one of the problems I have had people mention to me when talking about Aspects is that it can often… Read More »

Powered by the Fate-pocalypse: Rules – Dice Rolling, Aspects & Attributes

By | 23rd July 2014

As part of my attempt to create a game combining elements of my two favourite systems (Fate & Dungeon World) I start collecting together some of the rules that I intend to use in the game. * * * Dice Rolling I have decided to switch from using the 2d6+attribute modifier (espoused by the Dungeon… Read More »

Powered by the Fate-pocalypse: Initial Ideas

By | 22nd July 2014

After reading a very amusing blog post by Ryan Macklin ( regarding the recent RPGGeeks best of RPGs tournament in which Fate and Dungeon World faced off against each other in the final (with Dungeon World winning) I started thinking seriously about how feasible it would be to create a game that incorporated elements from both… Read More »