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Sapphire Islands – Dungeon World Mini-campaign – Session 2

By | 21st June 2014

After their encounter with the orcs on the south-eastern coast of the mainland, Will manages to limp the damaged boat to the shoreline and is just about to jump down from the boat when his keen spot one of the planks of the decking is a little raised from the others; nearly down he pulls… Read More »

Jade-xalted: Sample assets

By | 18th June 2014

Below are some sample assets built using the system described in earlier posts. * * * White Jade Warstrider (Device) Cost: 3 refresh Features Harmful – +2 shifts of damage on attack (up to a max of shifts scored on attack roll) Protective – reduces shift value of successful attack by 2 Sturdy – has 2… Read More »

Jade-xalted: Celestial and Terrestrial circle charms

By | 18th June 2014

The two asset features following are additional to those listed in my previous post (, and may be added to an asset in the same way. Techniques (amended from previous post) No technique can have the troubling flaw. Exceptional Harmful Flexible Protective Focus Sorcery Celestial Circle Terrestrial Circle Additional Feature Descriptions (those not listed are… Read More »

Jade-xalted: Assets

By | 18th June 2014

This section refers heavily to the excellent Jadepunk game, no challenge is intended to any copyrights and I have attempted to omit any rules specifically featured in the book – you will probably need a copy of Jadepunk to make use of this, but I would advise you to pick up a copy anyway as… Read More »

Jade-xalted: Finishing touches to character creation

By | 18th June 2014

Refresh Refresh functions as per the rules in Jadepunk, however, the levels of refresh that people start with differ slightly. Mortals and equivalents begin with 5 refresh. Terrestrial Exalted begin with 7 refresh. Celestial Exalted (Solar, Lunar, Abyssal and Sidereals) begin with 10 refresh. Refresh is reduced by purchasing assets, you may not reduce your… Read More »

Jade-xalted: Constructing a Concept

By | 18th June 2014

One of the complaints/issues that I have often heard laid at the door of the Fate system is that, because there is such a lot of leeway when it comes to designing aspects, that it can often be bewildering for players, especially if they are unfamiliar with the setting or RPG-ing in general; in the… Read More »