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Red Dice Diaries – Beer & Pretzels 2014

By | 29th May 2014

Red Dice Diaries visit Beer & Pretzels 2014 On weekend on 17/18th May myself and Hannah visited the local Beer & Pretzels gaming convention and did a bit of filming (apologies if the sound is a little muffled in some areas, we’re still getting used to filming out and about).  Planning to run some RPGs… Read More »

"Talons of the Winter King" – Serpents Fall Session 10 – Writeup

By | 11th May 2014

Moroveer has gathered the necessary items to effect his disguise as a missionary and sneak back into Winchester, the spiritually altered Lord Wulfric is wrapped in rags and disguised as a leper to both hide his appearance and discourage future investigation by guards in Winchester, they have scrounged a bell from Cenhelm’s farm to add… Read More »