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Paying for the Past (IC writeup of the 5th Seattle Demon the Fallen session)

By | 19th March 2014

As Nardy spoke her voice seemed to fill the cabin of the old truck, as though her word transported us back through time and we actually witnessed what she saw: It was the 1860s, the frontier times and a small expeditionary force sent by Brigadier General and (former Governor) Issac Stevens made it’s way through… Read More »

When Someone else Pays the Price (IC writeup of the 4th Seattle Demon the Fallen Game)

By | 18th March 2014

Disclaimer: Please note this is a fictitious in-character write-up of a roleplaying game session. I was quite surprised when I turned up to work the next morning, my producer Sue looked flustered and the clip notes that had been prepared for the morning show were rushed and shoddy, nowhere near the standard that i’d come… Read More »

What is the Price of Truth? (IC writeup of the 2nd and 3rd sessions of Seattle Demon: the Fallen game)

By | 11th March 2014

Disclaimer: This is a fictional in-character write-up of an RPG session. “Given how old I am you’d think that i’d not be surprised at how layers of lies and deceit always obscure the truth, building up as time passes; we learned that trick from you, oh and Angel can refuse to tell you the truth… Read More »

Caradoc ap Segovax: The Festival of Lughnasadh (Age of Arthur, session 1)

By | 7th March 2014

The old stories were once again told as the great hearth fires were lit in the village for the celebration of Lughnasadh, the harvest time would soon begin and all of the the tribe, young and old, gathered in the village as those amongst the eldest (like myself) passed along the ancient tales of our people;… Read More »