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Serpents Fall – Overhauling Spirits & Sorcery

By | 22nd October 2013

Following on from our first Serpents Fall game on G+, one of the aspects of the game that I wasn’t particularly taken with was sorcery; it worked okay but whenever something involving spirits occurred it pretty much split the party into sorcerors and non-sorcerors with the two not really meeting until the matter was resolved. After… Read More »

Reflecting on the first Serpents Fall session

By | 22nd October 2013

Well we made our first attempt at running an introductory session of Serpents Fall (our G+ Fate Accelerate Fantasy game) last night; i’ve just sent off messages to all of the players in it asking for feedback and thought i’d put my own views in this blog. You can find a link to the video footage… Read More »

God Machine Chronicle – The World According to Maggy Pike : Part Four

By | 21st October 2013

IC blog of fourth and final God Machine Chronicle Session Written by Kelly Grimshaw Reproduced with permission from the author. Ok, so now we are totally clear that Dr Who didn’t turn up to save the day. Oddly enough it was Brian and Joe, yep you did read right, Mr my mouth always gets into trouble… Read More »

RPG Blog Carnival – October 2013: Spooky Spots – THE MIST AT THE END OF THE WORLD

By | 16th October 2013

The RPG Blog Carnival is an idea to get groups of bloggers to all writing about a monthly topic, the aim being to build a dialogue across many different blogs, providing different viewpoints and ideas to the viewer. The way it works is that a blog discussing a monthly topic will post the RPG Carnival… Read More »