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Creating a Fate Accelerated Fantasy Game

By | 27th September 2013

Having just completed GMing my first G+ online game (a mashup of GTA and the mythos christened Grand Theft Chtulhu, part 1 write-up here and part 2 write-up here) and given that it went quite well, all the players seemed to enjoy it and I certainly had great fun running it despite a few technical… Read More »

By | 27th September 2013

I’ve been toying around with the idea of a Fate Accelerated game involving vampires for a few days; thought i’d post up what i’ve jotted down so far. Please note: The notes below are in no way complete and will probably change considerably before I consider them finished. *** Aspects *** 5 in total 1)… Read More »

Written summary of our second Grand Theft Cthulhu game

By | 26th September 2013

The original video for the second session can be found below: Written Summary of Session Trevor finds himself standing in an underwater city of strange spires and cobbled streets made from an odd black stone, the streets of this maddening city are covering with dead rust red sea creatures, and the ground seems to slope… Read More »

Expanding and linking my channel

By | 24th September 2013

After Jacek Brzezowski commented on one of my videos on G+ about setting up an RSS feed it occurred to me that I had a number of different ‘pages’ spread across the internet to do with my blogging and Youtube channel; it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to consolidate them. Below is… Read More »

A Brief Summary of our Grand Theft Cthulhu Game

By | 23rd September 2013

The video of the session can be found below: However there follows a short summary of the game. Main Characters ‘Dirty’ Deny Whatley : played by Afrodave Horatio Whatley : played by Fozz Trevor Whatley : played by Pigeon Principle NPCs ‘Fat’ Abbot Whately : Mercilessly tough leg-breaker and rivil of Deny’s for the casino racket. Juvan : Mechanic… Read More »

RPG game mashup – Grand Theft Cthulhu

By | 20th September 2013

For those of you who watch my Youtube channel you will probably be aware that soon i’m going to be running a G+ game for some of my friends and that it is going to combine elements of the computer game Grand Theft Auto with elements from the Cthulhu Mythos. I have christened the game Grand… Read More »