“The Thing from the Hills” – Campaign Material

As you’ll be aware if you follow my facebook, blog and Youtube activity, I’m going to be running a couple of games at BrigadeCon 2015 the 24 hour online convention run by members of the RPG Brigade (now in it’s second year); the first of these games is going to be a Fate Accelerated game set in Brian Engard’s Wild Blue campaign world (from Evil Hat Productions Worlds on Fire book).

As is my habit, I like to prepare for my games and also create handouts to get the players excited for the game, I also like to make the material to people who read my blog so that they can use it or perhaps take inspiration from it. All of the material produced for the game can be accessed below, at the moment the session notes are not listed here but I will edit this post to include them after I have run the game:

Wild Blue – A Brief History


Character Backgrounds

Character Sheets

Map of Edge Hill


The event page for the gamed can be found here and, after the game has been run you will be able to see the video footage at the link below:


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