Idea for Star Wars planning

As is often the case with my campaigns I’ve found the notes for my Jadepunk game (and this post is mainly about Star Wars so stay with me here) getting more and more expansive, necessitating more time to update them and making them a little bit more unwieldy to use; as someone who has a fairly poor memory notes are pretty much a must have for me when it comes to running RP campaigns, in order to maintain any level of internal consistency. I’m always looking for new/more efficient ways to store my notes and have moved from hard-copies to storing them in a tiddlywiki to help with this.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may have seen the post that I put up about using the Dungeon World systems of Fronts in my Jadepunk game:

I love this system and it works great; as I was leafing through my Star Wars book the other day it occurred to me that the obligation system from Edge of the Empire is very much compatible with the Front system. For those who aren’t aware obligations are effectively PC ties to organisations, people and places in the setting that are decided at the start of the game (your bounty hunter might owe some money to the Hutts for example or perhaps your Wookie feels an obligation to free his tribe from slavery), normally the GM constructs a chart of these obligations and then rolls on the chart at the start of each session to determine which of the obligations (if any) will be the main feature of the session.

Also throwing in the Star Wars idea of creating long-term antagonists, I’ve ending up with something like this as a template for my plots:


Description and stats.

Antagonist Goals

1. ???
2. ???
3. ???
4. ???

Antagonist End Result



So for each obligation I create and stat up a principle antagonist who embodies that obligation and then create a small list of their goals and their intended end result; each time this obligation is rolled as the subject of a session then I’ll advance the antagonists goals by one and move them closer to their end result.

Hopefully this will help keep plot notes clear, I’m looking forward to trying it out in my Edge of the Empire game.

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