Three Brothers D&D 5E Campaign

Inspired by Rob Davis’ long running D&D world (in which he has run many campaigns), I decided to have a go at running a 5E D&D campaign for the remains of my regular group and a couple of other players.

The campaign world is known as Three Brothers and is a world that for many years with enslaved by the cruel Gith, most races were either forced into slavery or (in the same case of some like the orcs) served as willing servants. In the year 0F (F standing for Freedom) three heroes, a human named Abraham, a dwarf named Bethan and the elf Caddell rallied their fellow slaves and after a long series of long and bloody battles, culminating in the an epic conflict that ended in the valley that now carries their name, cast the Gith from the world.

Our current campaign takes place in the year 100F, the societies of the Free People are still recovering, much of their past is lost to them (their histories and faiths having been nearly crushed by their cruel overseers) and lies out there waiting to be discovered, whilst the forests and mountains are haunted by the feral remains of the Gith servant races.

As we do more sessions the actual-play videos will become available on the playlist below:

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