What is Adventures on the Outer Rim?

Adventures on the Outer Rim is a series of loosely connected trilogies (three session games) and one-shots set in a variant of the Star Wars universe, the games are run online using Google Hangouts and the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG rules.

The game is run as part of the Tides of Change, an online community dedicated to sharing their enthusiasm about Star Wars and running tabletop games set in the Star Wars universe.

In 2015 I ran a short campaign called Terror on the Outer Rim that used FFG’s Edge of the Empire rules for my regular online group, near the end of 2015 I was introduced to the idea of the Tides of Change by one of the main people behind it AndrĂ© Martinez and immediately loved the idea of both a community to sustain and promote enthusiasm in Star Wars and also the Tide Change mechanic tha the group suggested. Essentially with a Tide Change, at a certain point during the game, the GM calls for a short break and asks each player to suggest a plot twist related to their character, the various twists are posted to the TOC Facebook group for people to vote on their favourites and when the game starts again, the one with the most votes is the plot twist that occurs within the game.

The mechanics seemed to work quite well and my enthusiasm for Star Wars was growing with every game, I decided that, although I wanted to keep running games for my regular group I was going to try and do some for other people as well. Of course I’ve only got so much free time and couldn’t possibly run loads of campaign games so I hit upon the idea of running loosely linked trilogies and one-off sessions, thus Adventures on the Outer Rim was born.

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