Heart of Darkness Campaign


It is the year 4BBY…

Following several issues caused by the burgeoning Rebel Alliance in the Lothal System, the Empire has begun attempting to re-assert it’s control over distant sectors, control that had begun to slip while they focused on their rumoured super weapon. In the Kastolar Sector this has met with mixed success, already entrenched the criminal Zann Consortium and the Hutt Cartels will not be easy to displace, but while the Empire focuses on the large threats, smaller, independent operators find ever more ingenious ways to slip through their fingers.

Prelude to Darkness

The focus of this campaign is on playing a more neutral based campaign than many traditional Star Wars RPG campaigns, where the focus tends to be squarely on either the Rebellion or the Empire. In the prelude–that took place in 5 BBY–our player group portrayed a mixed bag of hackers, mercenaries and con-men who have all ended up working for the Zann Consortium, the prelude details how they made their name in the organisation.

Dramatis Personae

  • Lynk Ghiennah (Human Bounty Hunter/Criminal)
  • Morba the Terrible (Hutt colonist)
  • Tycho Madarr (Human Syndicate Slicer)
  • Ralbac (Wookiee Entrepreneur)

The Fallen

  • Wrrl’atha (Wookiee Warrior) Was exposed to the vacuum of space in a daring attempt to rescue Ralbac and perished in the attempt.

Prelude Session Summaries

Season 1

The year is 4 BBY, the Kastolar Sector is locked in a shadow war between the Empire, Rebel Alliance, the Zann Consortium (lead by Morba the Terrible, Tycho Madarr and Ralbac) and the Hutt Cartels; however, this conflict between larger powers gives smaller, independent operators a chance to flourish. We join three of these operatives (Yaatu Deng, Crood Bosmaw and Gribbly Kald)–piloting a stolen YT-1300 christened the Night Dragon–as they attempt to seek fame & fortune smuggling in the Kastolar Sector.

Dramatis Personae

  • Crood Bosmaw (Rodian Pilot)
  • Gribbly Kald (Twi’lek Politico)
  • Yaatu Deng (Mirilanan Outlaw-tech)

The Fallen

  • Tomax Covell (Human Lothario) – Was slain by a Clawdite posing as Ereen Lockar.

Session Summaries

Campaign Wiki

The campaign wiki contains additional information for the campaign, including maps, NPC notes and other useful information.