Flashback Session: Curse of the Kausao Tombs

We flashback to a time before the start of our Skyless City Campaign, some two decades before the reign of the 13th Governor in a one-off session kindly guest-GMed by Thashif.

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Skyless City downtime and bumper issue 10 campaign newsletter

Recently I decided to have a period of downtime for our Skyless City Jadepunk; now the game is still going ahead as normal but we’re moving the timeline forward by three months and are going to detail one of the city districts (the Sengoku or Heaven District) in more detail as a future homebase for the “third season” of our game.

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Runeslinger’s Edge of Empire: Legacy of Destruction

I’ve just finished playing in another Edge of the Empire session run by Runeslinger; playing with Andre (who runs his own game Tides of Change) from the Brigade and two of Runeslinger’s regular face-to-face players; our motley crew consisted of:

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Video Response: 5 Youtube Content Creators than I Like

I was tagged into this by Chalice in Chains and Drop Dice, both great channels; they asked me to talk about five youtube content producers that I like and watch:

Terror on the Outer Rim Session 2 : Death in the Cold

In Episode II of our Edge of Empire game our players explore the strange ice world that they have been forced to set down on to repair their ship the Mourning Star after it was damaged by rogue droids; however, in doing so they encounter evidence of an ancient civilisation, meddling Imperial officials and more:

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RPG Bugbears: The Hidden Dungeon Crawl

Latest (not entirely serious) RPG Bugbears video about hidden dungeons and games being run as advertised:

Matters of Fate: Viewer Request – Aspects, narrative permission/justification

James Branch asked whether I could do a video on aspects granting narrative permission or justification for certain actions, here’s my take on it.

Matters of Fate: Viewer Request – Aspects, narrative permission/justification

James Branch asked me to do a video about aspects granting narrative permission/justification for certain actions in Fate so here’s my take on.

Fate SRD – http://fate-srd.com/

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Matters of Fate: Compelling 101

Fantastic Dimensions asked whether I could discuss Fate compels in more detail, happy to oblige 🙂

Matters of Fate: Viewer request – Compelling 101

Fantastic Dimensions requested more information about compels in Fate, happy to oblige.

Compelling aspects page on the Fate Core SRD: http://fate-srd.com/fate-core/invoking-compelling-aspects

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