Skyless City – Session 9 – Men are felled not by the sword but what they…

Session 9 of our Jadepunk game, Ba Tu and Yoshida attempt to rescue a prisoner with important information from a Jade rail transport.

Fate One-shot: Pirates of the Cthulhu Main

Pirates of the Cthulhu Main, a Fate Accelerated one-off featuring an all star cast from the Brigade and One-shot group, very enjoyable to run 🙂

Video Response – RPG Tag

Video response to Roll 4 Initiative’s video tag questions 🙂

[video] RPG mini review – Elemental Evil Players Companion

Short min-review of the free Elemental Evil D&D Players Companion available free on Drivethru RPG:

[video] Skyless City – Session 7 – The Clock is Ticking

Session 7 of our Skyless City Jadepunk Campaign:

[video] RPG Review – Naramel Martial Supplement

Reviewing the Naramel Martial Supplement for Jadepunk:

[Video] RPG Review – Jadetech : Blue Jade

Reviewing Re-Roll Productions Jadepunk supplement focussing on Blue Jade:

[Video] Blood & Smoke – Trying out the narrative feeding rules

Trying out the rules for narrative feeding in NWOD Requiem Blood & Smoke:

[Video] Animus In Aguerra- A Fate Core One Shot

A thoroughly enjoyable Fate sci-fi one-shot that I played in, ran by David Semmes 🙂