[Video] Player Tips – Make some shit up

Offering a tip to players, to make stuff up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6-mPBPo4HA

[Video] Fate Character Creation – Alex Maksimov

Creating a Fate core character for David Semmes one-off Sci-Fi game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbFaw9ZhmLQ

[Video] VR: Daring to Try

Video response to Runeslinger’s ‘Dare to Try’ video.


[Actual Play] Skyless City – Session 6

6th session of our Skyless City Jadepunk game

[Video] Campaign Randoms – Lodestone

Sharing an idea for a campaign I saw on the YT RPG Brigade FB page that I discuss and expand upon.

[Actual Player] Tremulus One-off

My first attempt at running some for the one-shot group, a one-off game of Tremulus, thanks to my two players 🙂

[Video] RPG Bugbears – Orphan Backgrounds

RPG Bugbears are back, inspired by a YT RPG Brigade post from Trayvon Reames, talking about orphan character backgrounds:

[Video-RPG] Roleplaying damage

Roleplaying damage, a couple of simple tips that can add a lot to any game:

[Actual Play] Skyless City – Session 5

The fifth session of our Skyless City Jadepunk game:

[VIdeo-RPG] RPG Questions – Too much fluff

Asking a question about the amount of fluff and fluff/rules ratio in RPGs: http://youtu.be/r3ueA9i7_XE